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Jury Duty

I am so tired!  I wound up serving on the jury for a contract dispute.  After spending nearly 12 hours at the courthouse...I don't have any braincells left.  Saw the new Harry Potter movie on Wednesday at midnight.  Will write a detailed blog after I get some sleep.

I am moody and gray

I am in a funk, and I know why. Every so often my problems with infertility bother me.  Now, is one of those moments.  Two people at work are pregnant, two people at church are pregnant, and both of my sisters-in -law just had babies.  Why is it, the one thing I have wanted my whole life, eludes me the most..  Everyone tells me what a great mother I would be, why is it the one thing I can't be when I want it the most.
I cry about it for a few days and then I am fine.  Life goes on after all. :(

Go figure

Where to begin.....
A few weeks ago on a Sunday night, Kevin called me and told me that I needed to get into work and see what was going on over there.  He was working and a customer came through and said that they waited 45 minutes in the drive thru for their food.  It had to be bad as Kevin usually keeps me away from work on my days off.  I called the manager to give her heads up because she would be getting a call in the morning from the irate customer.  She told me to write the supervisor up.
I walked in the back door and it looked like a mess.  We have an open kitchen, meaning you can see into the kitchen from the front counter.  When I asked her what was going on she blamed two employees that weren't even there.  I wrote her up.  She was mad about it.  This was the third supervisor I have had to write up in the month I have been Assistant Manager.
I guess she was so mad about it that she got a job at one of the factories in town.  The other managers and I think that it is amusing in the fact that she is going to a factory that is going to be demanding physically, and Vanessa always tried to avoid even moving at work if she could.
Well, yesterday was supposed to be her last day.  She had told another crew member that she was not going to show up for her shifts(she had a split shift) because her mother told her not too.
She showed up for her lunch shift, but I knew that she was not going to show up for her closing shift.  I had someone cover my 12-5 so I could come in and close.  Well.....she didn't show up!  So I wound up closing.  It has also gotten back to me that the reason she quit  was because I was on a power trip and unjustly wrote her up.
Well, it is her loss as she just tossed away the reference for her supervisor experience.  What kind of work ethic does the mother have to tell her 20 year old daughter not to show up at work on her last day?
I have never felt like sitting in a corner and banging my head against the wall like I did last night.
On to happier news...I got my Serv-safe certificate yesterday.  I now just need my certification from Taco John's and then I will be a certified manager.  I am also getting my first bonus!:)

This and That

I went in to talk to my boss about last night.  She too was agitated about the situation.  I was told that this supervisor needed to learn to rely on herself.  I was banned from coming in there at all.  My boss told me that I work too much and I needed to stop it before I wore myself out to the point where I got sick.  She is right.  I need to learn that on my days off,  I need to stay away.  She told me that I needed to use my caller ID on my days off.  While I was there, she showed me how to write a schedule.  I get to write the following schedule.
I had a great 4th.  Kevin and I went to dinner with one of his fellow managers. After dinner we went to see her husbands garden.  I am impressed.  I wouldn't have the creativity to come up with what he did.  It reminded me of a "Secret Garden".  It is a place where I could sit and get lost in a book.  We then went to pick up another co-worker of Kevin's.  We then went to watch Madison's fireworks display.  It dawned on me that this will be the last 4th of July for us in the state of South Dakota.  That seems so surreal.  I told my mom when I talked to her this morning that I normally don't like moving because I did so much of it as a child.....however, I am really excited to move to Ohio....to go home!!!
It is going to kind of an interesting several months as we experience a lot of lasts.  One that I am really looking forward to is our last SD winter.  I know, I just jinxed it.  Now we are going to have a really long and hard winter. : )


Last night was one of the most stressful nights I have ever had  at work.  It was busy, but we have been busier.  We just had the wrong mix of people.  I had put two Supervisors on the table to cook, along with a girl that is still learning to cook.  I was going to go on break, so I had one of the Supervisors cover me in drive thru.  All of a sudden we get this $30 order in drive thru.  This opened the flood gates.  I washed my hands, put on gloves and helped the Supervisor on the table.  Our drive thru is very small.  Three cars and it is backed to the menu board, this means that until the car at the window leaves, you can't take anymore orders.  As she is taking the third order in drive thru, the Supervisor calls for help.  Now remember, this is a SUPERVISOR!!!!   She needed help getting a small pop.  She can't cook well, she can't run drive thru by herself.  She is supposed to be running the shift tonight by herself.  I have a feeling that once again....I will be working every holiday this year.  Yes, I am supposed to have the night off as I have worked the past 3 July 4th's.  I think I will be working at some point tonight.
I have been fretting about this all night.  I called my mom at 5:30 am this morning when I couldn't sleep.  We talked for almost 2 hours.  Welcome to the world of Management.  When I move to Ohio, I am getting out of the food service industry!!!
On a lighter note....  I doubled my Christmas Club each paycheck.  This is going to be a healthy chunk of change that I get back on November 20th  This is going straight into savings.  I paid off one of my student loans too!!!  We are living very frugally so that we can reach our goal!!!
Each stressful day, or extra day I work is one day closer to Ohio and my family!

It is Friday!!!!

No, I am not off my rocker!  I know it is Tuesday.  However, it is my Friday!!  I have Wednesday and Thursday off!!!  Woo Hoo!!!!
President Bush just commuted Scooter Libby's prison sentence.   This means that for revealing a CIA operatives identity and then lying about it to a GRAND JURY he doesn't have to spend any of the 30 months in the Federal Penn.
 I did a Wikipedia search on Mr Libby.  I knew that he was Cheney's chief of staff.  I did not know that he was Assistant to the Vice President for Nation Security Affairs.
This makes me so angry on so many levels.  This guy had access to sensitive information.  What else did he leak?  What exactly was President Bush thinking?  Just because he is your friend doesn't mean that you should take his punishment away.  As an American, not a democrat, I think Bush should be impeached for this.  You don't use your Presidential powers to save your friends.

Ok, this could be interesting....

We go to Summer Hours tonight.  This means we are open an hour later now.  I don't have the most experienced crew tonight.  I know I am management, but it is still going to be a long night.  My closer tonight is the same kid that called me at home last night.  Unfortunately, I think that late closes are now going to cut into a lot of peoples party time.  You know what?????  The booze and the pot are still going to be there when you get off at 1 am.  I refuse to re-do work that should have been done right the first time because you are in a hurry to get to a party.
What I want to know is....how do these people who work maybe 20 hours a week support their habit?

How am I Supposed to know that?

I just got off the phone with an employee who called me at HOME to see if he needed to work his shift tonight?  How am I supposed to know that?  I am not at work.  I don't know how busy they have been, nor do I know whom all I have working.
This is typical of Madison South Dakota!!!!!

Oh Boy!!!

Yesterday was a rarity.  I actually got to work with my boss.  The next 10 months are going to be interesting to say the least.  I was told that my boss is glad that I am a member of management.  She knows that  she will be able to go on maternity leave and come back to a cared for store. (I don't have the heart to tell her that shortly after she comes back, I will be leaving).  We are having Supervisor issues right now that are far more pressing.The one supervisor that was a slacker, quit.  That is not a big loss.  Frustrating.
Yesterday I was supposed to work 12-8.  I got off at 5 because of labor.  I had to go back in at 8 and do inventory and payroll.  The manager has been gone or working half days.  The other Assistant Manager did the ordering.  She must have an issue with hording things.  Last night it took me nearly 2 hours to count the paper products in the basement.  I am sorry, but our store is small enough that we do not need 2300 of anything.  I was coming across that regularly.  She does not get the concept of cost control.  She is so afraid that we are going to run out of things, that she over- orders.  This effects our bonuses.  She likes to have things so over stocked that stuff is falling off of shelves.  This is not necessary.  She doesn't want to do any of the paperwork that managers are supposed to do.  So, I have the feeling that I will be running the store while Jami is gone.
I finally got done at 12:30 am.  I am one tired girl.